1 Eye Classic
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At an early age, Lance’s left eye was injured in a freak chain saw accident while working with some lumber. Doctors and his family thought he would lose his eyesight completely. Instead, he lost his sight in his good eye and his “lazy” eye grew stronger as Lance willed it to through optimistic determination. Later in his life, his response to any adversity was “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!”. One of the reasons Lance’s mother asked that this phrase be included in the event is because it is a good reminder of Lance’s unwavering positive attitude. The 1-Eye logo seen above is an example of how Lance’s sense of humor followed him wherever he went and whatever he was doing. When Lance would finish a fireplace project he would etch this symbol in the cement somewhere at the top of the chimney stack where only those who ventured to climb its height would find it. He would not tell the homeowner it was there, but left it to be discovered. In keeping with his sense of fun, he also adopted “Cyclops Enterprises” as his masonry business name. It was Lance’s hope that Schroon Lake would become a cycling destination in the Adirondacks and that cyclists from all over would come to this area and discover fantastic rides for people of all ages and abilities. We hope that with this event, we can encourage Lance’s “More bikes – less cars!” philosophy.